Primary Contacts for the GovDTF

Government Domain Task Force
     Co-Chairs: Cory Casanave
Model Driven Solutions
Daryll Prescott
  Pamela Wise-Martinez
Information Sharing Working Group



Japan Government Working Group Steering Committee (click here)

 Chair:    Kenji Hirata
Toyo University
   Members:    To be appointed.

Latin American Governments Working Group Steering Committee (click here)

Roberto Sasso
   Members:    To be appointed.

Other Government Working Groups?

GovDTF would be pleased to be a vehicle for producing specifications of interest to your international, regional or local government organization or consortium


Join us

If you want to experience an OMG meeting first hand, please join us at our next meeting. As a first time attendee, you can be sponsored by one of the task forces. This sponsor entitles you to a waiver for any fees typically associated with attending a meeting.

This way, you can try out a meeting first and see just how important these meetings, and your contribution at these meetings, are. To learn more about sponsorship, please contact one of the Task Force Chairs.

Email Lists

The OMG maintains a number of email lists for our groups. Click here to view  the email list(s) which are pertinent to this group. Many lists are only open to members of the OMG.

If you have any questions about adopted specifications, please feel free to contact the tech-editor.