US Government Working Group

US Government Working Group
Steering Committee
     Chair:    Robert Spangler
National Archives and
     Records Administration
   Members:    Edwin McCeney
Department of the Interior
   Daryll Prescott
TethersEnd Consulting



The US Government Working Group was chartered by the Government Domain Task Force to address the particular needs of US Government Agencies at the Federal Level.


The Federal Transition Framework Metamodel Subgroup was chartered to manage collaborative work with the President's Office of Management and Budget' activities on the Federal Transition Framework Metamodel. The FTF is being taken care of by the FTF Revision Task Force. This subgroup will likely be dissolved soon with it's activities assumed by the OMB/OMG Collaboration Agenda Working Group

OMB/OMG Collaboration Agenda Working Group. Web page coming soon. This group, chaired by Bob Daniel of Troux Technologies is coordinating the collaboration of the Object Management Group and the Office of Management and Budget. The principal work item at this time is the Meta-model for Federal Segment Architecture.

Activity History:

  • 20090323 Washington DC Meeting -- GovDTF and the Architecture Board approved the RMS specification as noted in the Alpha Manifest, above. The submission began its DTC electronic vote. The RMS Finalization Task Force was chartered by the DTC.
  • 20080923 Orlando Meeting An initial June 2008 draft of the RM3 was presented to the GovDTF for review and comment. The membership of ARMA International is being solicited to review the draft and provide comments and recommendations from the point of view of industry.
  • 20080323 Washington DC Meeting On open submitters' meeting of the MFSA RFC was hosted by the GovDTF. See the Washington DC minutes at The name of the FSAR work item was changed to the Metamodel for Federal Segment Architecture, (MFSA).
  • 20070925 Jacksonville Meeting The Records Management Maturity Model (RM3) was created as a work item. The group is working on schedule and details as well as determining whether to proceed as a Request for Proposal or a Request for Comment. Details and discussion can be found in the  Jacksonville minutes.
  • 20080923 Orlando, FL. Meeting Activated the FSAR work item from the roadmap at the request of the US President's Office of Management and Budget.
  • 20071211 – The Federal Transition Framework was approved by the OMG Board of Directors. A Finalization Task Force is seated.
  • 20061204 – The Federal Transition Framework RFP was issued by the Domain Technology Committee on the recommendation of the GovDTF and approval by the Architecture Board.
  • 20060926 Sponsored the issuance of the Federal Transition Framework Metamodel Whitepaper
  • 20060926 Chartered the  Federal Transition Framework Metamodel Subgroup (this group was formed on an ad-hoc basis in July, 2006 between TC meetings and formally chartered in Anaheim.
  • 20060630 – Sponsored the issuance of the MDA Models for Records Management Services RFP
  • 20060217 – Chartered by the Government Domain Task Force, began work on the MDA Models for Records Management Services RFP