US Government Working Group's

Federal Transition Framework Metamodel Subgroup

FTF Metamodel Working Group
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The Federal Transition Framework Metamodel Subgroup was chartered under the US Government Working Group by the Government Domain Task Force during its plenary at the OMG TC Meeting in Anaheim CA, 26 September 2006. The working group will address the particular needs of defining and refining the Federal Transition Framework in collaboration with the President's Office of Management and Budget.

The FTF is being taken care of by the FTF Revision Task Force. This subgroup will likely be dissolved soon. It's mission will likely be assumed by our new working group, OMB/OMG Agenda Working Group. (page to be posted soon)

Work Items:

Activity History:

  • 11-December-2007 – The Federal Transition Framework was approved by the OMG Board of Directors. A Finalization Task Force is seated.
  • 4-December-2006 – The Federal Transition Framework RFP was issued by the Domain Technology Committee on the recommendation of the GovDTF and approval by the Architecture Board.
  • 26-September-2006 Sponsored the issuance of the Federal Transition Framework Metamodel Whitepaper
  • 26-September-2006 – The US Government Working Group Chartered the  Federal Transition Framework Metamodel Subgroup
    • The President's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) brought their Federal Transition Framework to the OMG as a work item

    • During an "Industry Day" of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on 13-July-2006, Dick Burk, OMB Chief Architect announced that the OMB and the Object Management Group's (OMG) Government Domain Task Force (GovDTF) have agreed to work together using OMG's community consensus process to define an industry consensus specification for the OMB's new Federal Transition Framework (FTF).

    • GovDTF formed this "Federal Transition Framework Metamodel Subgroup" under its US Government Working Group (USWG) to address this work item. This work item will dove-tail with another work item on the USWG Roadmap, "A UML Profile for the Federal Enterprise Architecture" which was launched last June during the GovDTF's meeting in Boston.