Open Government (OpenGov) Working Group

OpenGov Working Group
     Chair:    Cory Casanave
Model Driven Solutions
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This work group is being chartered at the request of the US Government WG, but it is intended to be international in scope. We will be liaising with other groups such as W3C, OASIS, etc.

We plan a vote to formally charter it as a GovDTF Working Group during our plenary in the San Antonio meeting in September 2009.

If you are interested in participating send a request to and ask to be added to the mail list.



The Open Government work group will be an enabler of government transparency, collaboration and participation by leveraging open standards and internet technologies.

The Open Government Working Group will foster a community of support within OMG and collaborate with other organizations and government stakeholders to articulate a vision of standards based technologies enabling open government. This will be achieved with a combination of white papers, seminars, workshops and a synthesis of existing standards, as well as new standards where required.



The Obama administration has articulated an open government initiative to transform government to be more transparent, collaborative and participatory.  Key principles of this initiative are:

  • That the massive government data asset will be published for direct use by citizens, industry and other government agencies.
  • That internet based social platforms can provide direct participation in government
  • That internet technologies can enable the transformation of government to embrace these open principles

While this initiative has been fueled by the Obama administration in the United States, it is already being leveraged in other countries and becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

The transformation required within the government and associated organizations can not be underestimated.  This initiative represents a bold vision of future government that will change the culture and process of government as well as the way citizens and industry work with government.  It will be the largest enterprise transformation every attempted.

To realize this transformation will require a new “government platform”, the processes, resources and technology on which government operates.  This work group will explore how standards can help enable the open government transformation.

The core mission of this working group is to build on and integrate existing and emerging standards and standard based technologies to provide a government platform that:

  • Supports an open “cloud of data” with information from government, industry and citizens.  This data cloud will make available information the government and industry have developed and information about what they are doing.
  • Include architectures based on OMG standards in this data cloud so that the processes, services, information, motivations, metadata and policies of government agencies can be open and accessible. 
  • Communicate the importance of architecture in achieving the open government transformation

President Obama's Initiative to transform government to be more transparent, participatory and collaborative will impact the culture, processes and perception of the government and the way citizens interact with it.  These initiatives will also rely on and have an impact on the technologies that support government and, by extension, the technologies of industry and individuals.

Potential Work Items:

  • Sponsor and/or participate in an "Open Standards for Open Government Workshop"
  • Create a white paper showing how open standards can facilitate open government
  • Work with other standards organizations to help create the open government platform
  • Sponsor standards efforts to make architectures created using OMG standards more accessible, visible and open
  • Connect OMG standards with Linked Open Data

Activity History:

  • 20091210, Long Beach CA TC Meeting The Working Group met. See the Long Beach Minutes.
  • 20090916, San Antonio TX TC Meeting The GovDTF chartered the working group, appointing Cory Casanave of Model Driven Solutions as Chair. (See San Antonio Minutes.)
  • 20090701 In an ad-hoc GovDTF meeting in Washington DC, it was agreed to form a working group to support this initiative. There will be a formal vote to charter this working group in the San Antonio TC Meeting in September 2009.